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Here, There & Back Again

I have joined LiveJournal with the intention of keeping up with friends and family whom I know use the service, and whom, for various reasons, don't use or no longer use other services such as Facebook. I am however very open to finding new friends.

I was born in the United Kingdom but now live in Kenya where I work. I live with my partner whom also came to this country for his work. He is originally from the United States.

I enjoy reading, crafts, music, gardening and travel, as well as a thousand other things.

If you add me, I will add you back. Only on very rare occasions will I not. I will not be able to use LiveJournal all the time though - or at least I don't think so. I usually check my mails and stuff at weekends only, and so I guess my LJ time will be slotted in there too. So if you don't see me online for a while, I am not ignoring you, just engaged elsewhere :)

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